General Hospital Episode Recap, Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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Jason won’t let himself off the hook for the guilt he feels over what happened to Jake. Diane informs Jason that he’s going to be questioned by the Feds about the shootout and cautions him not to hold anything back.

Meanwhile, Sam makes amends with Alexis but things remain strained between them. Shortly thereafter, Sam comes face to face with Jason at the courthouse.

At the same time, Lulu and Maxie become unlikely roommates when they both want to rent the same apartment. Later, Robin feels like a failure as a mother when she can’t get Emma to stop crying.

Then, in a surprising turn of events, Nadine teaches Nikolas how to milk a cow and he’s better at it than either of them would have thought. Nadine admits to Aunt Raylene that she and Nikolas actually don’t have any plans to marry. Aunt Raylene tells Nadine she’s proud of her before peacefully passing away.

While in the continuing saga of Luke and Tracy, she leads him to believe that she divorced him. However, as the day wraps up, Luke overhears Tracy admitting to Edward that she didn’t really get a divorce.

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