General Hospital Episode Recap, Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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To her credit, Kate doesn’t believe Olivia’s claim that Sonny never left the mob. Kate questions Diane, who confirms what Olivia told her.

Speaking of Sonny, he turns down Anthony’s offer but is privately tempted. Jason and Sonny remain at odds. Sonny warns Jason that he’s going to regret his decision not to turn the organization back over to him.

While on the other side of Port Charles, Johnny’s rage intensifies when he finds Ric and Claudia in bed together. Claudia is forced to knock Johnny unconscious when he goes ballistic on Ric. Johnny later tells Claudia he’ll kill Ric if he ever hurts her.

On the lighter side of things, Max nervously tells Milo that their father is headed to town because he believes Max is the big boss in Port Charles. How is Max going to get himself out of that one?

While in some romantic developments, Nikolas and Nadine continue to dance around their feelings. Guess Nik didn’t take Spinelli’s advice after all.

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