General Hospital Episode Recap, Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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Maurice Benard (Sonny, General Hospital)Sonny taunts Trevor as he learns Zacchara is loose inside Wyndemere. Trevor returns to Ric’s side to find Patrick contemplating guerilla surgery as the only option in trying to save Ric’s life. Patrick and Robin inform Trevor that even if Ric survives the surgery, he will bleed to death without a blood transfusion.

At the same time, Sonny and Johnny face off. Sonny takes Johnny hostage in his effort to force Zacchara out in the open. Lulu meets up with Sonny, Johnny and Kate.

Shortly thereafter, Jason arms Elizabeth with a gun and pulls her into a kiss as he leaves her in the stables. Meanwhile, Zacchara menaces Spinelli and Nadine, who are eventually found by Jason.

While on the other side of the grounds, Carly hides from the mercenaries in the woods and takes refuge in a cave, where she trips and accidentally knocks herself unconscious. Zacchara happens upon Carly as she regains her wits.

As Carly faces Zacchara, Jax, Jerry and Sam make a formidable team as they kill two of the mercenaries. After tossing a coin, Jax takes off to try and pilot the supply boat as Jerry and Sam make their way back to the main house.

Meantime, Skye sees that Alexis is in a great deal of pain. Nikolas is desperate to find Lucky, fearing he might have done something to him. Emily is concerned for Nikolas.

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