General Hospital Episode Recap, Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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{mosimage}Claudia is offended when Sonny rejects her once again while he focuses his attention on searching for Carly. As the crisis caused from the explosion comes to an end, Johnny attacks Sonny for holding him hostage and stands up for Claudia in the process. Carly is rushed to the hospital after being rescued by Ric. Sonny and Jax fear Carly won’t make it as she barely clings to life. While unconscious, Carly envisions Jason, who encourages her to fight to stay alive. Carly’s feistiness returns as she comes back to life in the emergency room.

At the same time, Johnny and Claudia share a bond as brother and sister. Sonny’s animosity towards Ric isn’t abated by the fact that Ric saved Carly’s life. In a breakthrough for Ric, he tells Marianna that he no longer cares how Sonny treats him.

Meanwhile, Robin and Patrick are appalled by Claudia’s prejudice when she doesn’t want Robin treating her because of her HIV status. Patrick reaches out to Robin as they discuss the very small chance that their baby could be born with HIV as well.

While on the other side of Port Charles and after sharing a kiss, Lulu sees a side of Johnny she doesn’t like. The day winds down as Logan wakes up to find Lulu crying in his hospital room.

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