General Hospital Episode Recap, Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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Maxie tells Claudia that Spinelli won’t help her find Johnny. Claudia threatens to tell Spinelli about the deal she made with Maxie. You remember -- the deal wherein Maxie was going to try and seduce Johnny away from Lulu. However, Maxie beats Claudia to the punch and confesses everything to Spinelli. Spinelli doesn’t judge Maxie and remains head over heels about her.

Meantime, Mac refuses to allow Maxie to spend the night at Jason’s penthouse. After returning home, Maxie is unpleasantly surprised to find a shirtless Matt in her living room.

While on the run, Johnny reveals to Lulu that he’s taken her to the now empty apartment of his former piano teacher. Lulu admits she fears she’ll suffer the same fate as her mother. At the same time, Anthony plots Lulu’s demise.

Shortly thereafter in some break up developments and despite sharing a passionate kiss, Jax walks out on Carly. Carly, however, remains determined to save her marriage.

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