General Hospital Episode Recap, Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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{mosimage}As Joe remains a literal ticking time bomb at the hospital, Mayor Floyd manages to call Scott and orders him to take care of the situation discreetly. Scott brings Jason in on the case and tells him to take Joe out, giving him the order to shoot to kill and reminding him that Jason is inside as well. Jason and Sam realize that Joe’s bomb will detonate if Joe removes his finger from the button he’s holding down. Lucky sneaks inside the hospital and gets Joe in his sights.

At the same time, Leo tends to Elizabeth after she collapses from blood loss due to the cut on her leg. Leyla, and later Robin, don’t pull any punches when they let Patrick know how they view his treatment of women.

Shortly thereafter, even Emily’s presence isn’t enough to calm Nikolas during another one of his episodes in which he ends up pushing Robin, who falls and bangs her head. Interestingly, Nadine seems very intuitive where Nikolas is concerned.

Meantime, Sonny, who’s breaking the restraining order by being in Manhattan, barely avoids detection when an overzealous cop arrives at Kate’s door. Later, Diane and Alexis form a newfound kinship of sorts in the aftermath of their adventure at the biker bar. Ric informs Alexis that he’s leaving town for a while to think things through and admits he doesn’t know what he’ll decide to do with the waterfront properties Skye gave him. The day winds down as Trevor assumes Ric will sell Alcazar’s piers to him and Johnny but starts to simmer when Trevor makes it clear that won’t be the case.

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