General Hospital Episode Recap, Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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Patrick is deeply saddened when the catastrophe at the hospital claims another victim. Anthony plans on killing Claudia to ensure her silence but is thwarted by Sonny’s arrival. After Sonny leaves Claudia’s room, Anthony makes another attempt on her life but she’s able to alert the staff. Trevor sees that Anthony can walk and realizes he shot Kate. Claudia’s poised to tell Sonny the truth about Anthony.

Speaking of Kate, she convinces Olivia to go to the boardroom to look for the DVD, but doesn’t reveal its contents. Olivia later returns to Kate’s hospital room with bad news. She tells Kate that the DVD is missing.

Across town, Spinelli and Winifred work together to see if Earl Bragg had any associates at the hospital who may have stolen the missing sphere. Later, Nikolas has another sighting of “Emily.”

Meantime, Robin forces herself to touch a crying Emma and is horrified to discover she’s burning up with a fever. Despite the storm outside, Robin decides to take Emma to the hospital and carefully starts driving through the snow. Patrick panics when he listens to Robin’s message and learns she’s on her way to the hospital with Emma.

Shortly thereafter, Lulu worries about her and Johnny’s relationship. Speaking of Johnny, he suggests that he and Maxie sleep together so as not to prolong the inevitable fact that they’re bound to ruin their relationships with Lulu and Spinelli.

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