General Hospital Episode Recap, Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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It looks like Claudia might confess the truth to Sonny but before she can, they’re interrupted by Ric, who informs them of Trevor’s death. Ric warns Sonny not to trust Claudia. Sonny points out that Ric could end up taking the fall for Anthony.

Speaking of Claudia, she soon admits to Johnny that Kate knows about her involvement in Michael’s shooting. Claudia thinks things might just work out after all since it will come down to Kate’s word against hers should Kate ever mention anything to Sonny.

Meanwhile, Lulu senses a new dynamic between Maxie and Johnny. Then, Sam and Jason search for Spinelli and realize he’s trapped in an air duct. Another explosion rocks the hospital before Sam and Jason can get to Spinelli. Maxie is on pins and needles waiting for Spinelli to be rescued and fears the worst when she witnesses the latest explosion.

At the same time, Elizabeth gives Rebecca more insight into Nikolas and his obsession with Emily. Rebecca is fed up with Nikolas when he finds her at the Metro Court and tells him to leave her alone. Robin feels like herself again and is happy to be able to hold Emma without fear. Patrick is hailed a hero for his efforts during the hospital crisis. After returning home, Patrick is finally reunited with Robin and Emma.

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