General Hospital Episode Recap, Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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The situation at the hospital remains dire as the fire spreads. Patients need to be evacuated from the roof but the blizzard prevents any helicopters from making rescue attempts. Not willing to give up hope, Jax makes a heroic move and tries to pilot a helicopter to the rooftop. Carly and Spinelli look on in horror when Jax appears to lose control of the helicopter.

Meanwhile, Nadine overhears Nikolas voice his undying love for Emily to Monica. Jason rescues Rebecca and is taken aback by her resemblance to Emily. Jason tells Nikolas he rescued a woman from the fire who looks exactly like Emily.

At the same time, Lulu refuses to leave Tracy’s side and it’s very evident how much they care for one another. Robin manages to help Epiphany evacuate the babies but breaks down in tears over the fact she can’t tend to her own daughter.

In the meantime,Claudia panics when she hears Kate mention the DVD and then miraculously spots it lying on the floor. Claudia sends Carly on her way and valiantly tries to get her hands on the DVD. Kate believes Sonny still loves her but soon realizes there’s more going on between him and Claudia that she thought. Lucky is reunited with Elizabeth.

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