General Hospital Episode Recap, Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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Elizabeth and Lucky are grateful to have their family back safe and sound. Jason credits Sam with saving Jake’s life and blames himself for causing the situation in the first place. As you can imagine, things are awkward between Jason and Elizabeth. Without saying it outright, Jason forgives Sam for the part she played in Jake’s first kidnapping.

Across town, Patrick tends to Olivia’s stab wound at Sonny’s. Claudia clearly isn’t happy to have Olivia as a houseguest. Sonny’s conflicted about whether or not to contact Olivia’s son but Patrick thinks he should abide by Olivia’s wishes. Claudia asks Sonny not to constantly throw his feelings for Kate in her face.

While in other couples developments, Jax and Carly struggle to end their marriage as both still love each other. Shortly thereafter, Mac immediately regrets giving Maxie an ultimatum when he tells she’s cut off unless she severs ties with Spinelli. Maxie decides it’s time she got a place of her own. Speaking of Mack Robin bolsters him when Maxie moves out.

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