General Hospital Episode Recap, Thursday, October 18, 2007

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Maurice Benard (Sonny, General Hospital)Against her better judgment, Kate tells Sonny she thinks Zacchara lives in an estate in Crimson Pointe that she once visited with Trevor. Kate admits she believed Zacchara’s wife had been murdered. Sonny assures a wry Luke that Jason will find Johnny, which probably means he’ll find Lulu, too.

Lulu shows what she’s made of when she stops Johnny from killing the cabin owner. Lulu tries to get better insight into what makes Johnny tick. Johnny walks out when Lulu pushes him too far by asking questions about his father. Spinelli points Jason in Johnny’s direction. Johnny gets a surprise when he returns to the cabin. Lulu finds herself in hot water.

Tensions flare when Elizabeth learns Lucky’s plan for Jake. Lucky arrives to talk to Elizabeth with Alexis and Diane hot on his heels.

Carly is ticked by Jax’s reasons for refusing to help Robin father a child but is later speechless when Jax explains why he really turned Robin down. He wants a child with her. Speaking of Robin, she soon confronts Patrick about sabotaging her plans but he leaves her with a lot to think about.

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