General Hospital Episode Recap, Thursday, November 8, 2007

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Bruce Weitz (Zacchara, General Hospital)Zacchara’s reign of terror continues throughout Wyndemere. First up, Maxie finds herself at Zacchara’s mercy when he forces her to stand on the turret wall in the raging storm. Maxie loses her footing and plunges over the side just as Lucky arrives on the scene.

As Lucky struggles to help Maxie, Nikolas flies into a rage when Zacchara shoots at him and Emily and the two men end up in a vicious brawl.

At the same time, Carly runs from Jerry, only to end up coming face to face with one of the mercenaries. Sam and Jason jump into action when they see that Carly is in peril.

Meanwhile, Ric barely clings to life as Patrick, Robin, Emily and Leyla operate on him. Trevor pleads with Sonny to donate blood to Ric but Carly is appalled at the idea of Sonny weakening himself for the man who has always had it out for him. But Kate knows better. She realizes that Sonny won’t sit back and watch his brother die.

While in some additional surprising developments, Alexis suffers from appendicitis and needs to get to a hospital. Jax and Jerry set out to try and get Alexis to the mainland.

Across the grounds, Jason gives Spinelli strict orders not to let Lulu leave the stables. Spinelli is surprised by his own actions when a headstrong Lulu wants her own way.

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