General Hospital Episode Recap, Thursday, March 6, 2008

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Sarah Brown, Maurice Benard (Claudia, Sonny, General Hospital)A seductive Claudia wants to make a deal with Sonny. Claudia warns Sonny she’ll declare war on him if he does anything to hurt Johnny. Meantime, Sonny's former wifey, Carly,  faces off with Elizabeth over Jason.

Across town, Nikolas is desperate to find Nadine and conjures up Emily to help him. Emily asks Nikolas to have the surgery he needs for her sake.

At the same time, Marianna can’t shake her sense that something bad is going to happen when Ric takes her to look at the cannery he holds the deed to.  Turns out, Marianna's senses were working overtime.  Ric inadvertently sets one of the hidden bombs on the course for detonation in the abandoned cannery.

Meanwhile, Cassius presses Spinelli to start investigating Stanford’s murder, which he readily does and believes he might have uncovered a clue. Spinelli comforts Maxie when she’s overcome with emotion at Georgie’s grave as they remember her on her birthday.

Shortly thereafter, Kate unburdens herself to Jax. Jerry feels the heat from his mysterious partner in crime. The day winds down as Patrick asks Elizabeth point blank if Jason is Jake’s father.

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