General Hospital Episode Recap, Thursday, March 27, 2008

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{mosimage}Jason explains to Carly he didn’t say anything about Michael’s gun obsession because he didn’t want to cause her undo stress during her pregnancy. Jax becomes upset with Carly for forgiving Jason so easily.

At the same time, Sonny walks in on Kate and Claudia’s insult fest. Claudia reveals she knew exactly who Sonny was when she slept with him. Sonny admits to Kate that he slept with Claudia off the sting of Kate turning down his marriage proposal. Sonny tells Kate he’ll make sure Claudia stays away from her and warns her that Claudia is dangerous, which Maxie overhears.

Shortly thereafter, as Kate vents her frustration to Jax, Claudia meets with Jason and wants him to take care of Trevor once and for all. Speaking of Trevor, Ric confronts Marianna about being in cahoots with Trevor. Marianna admits her wrongdoings but claims her feelings for Ric are genuine. Ric wants to team up with Sonny to destroy Trevor.

While on the other side of Port Charles, Patrick thinks Robin’s fears are unfounded. Later, Johnny apologizes to Robin for Claudia’s HIV prejudice.

Meanwhile, Nadine gives as good as she gets when she and Nikolas argue about his decision not to undergo surgery. With Maxie on his mind, Spinelli turns to Jason for advice about how to seduce a woman. Lulu fights her attraction to Johnny. Carly wants to Lulu to spy on Jax and Kate for her. Alice has the Quartermaines over a barrel when she threatens to walk out with the rest of the staff if Luke isn’t allowed back in the mansion. Tracy allows Luke to move back home but not back into her bedroom.

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