General Hospital Episode Recap, Thursday, August 7, 2008

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Carly holds her own with Karpov, who pulls no punches over the fact he wants to have sex with her. Jason warns Karpov away from Carly and is furious with her but she thinks her actions paid off.

Sonny lies to Kate about the real reason he can’t spend the evening with her as he oversees the arrival of Karpov’s shipment. At the same time, Lucky is the voice of reason when Sam and Nikolas insist that Jerry must be the person smuggling the counterfeit drugs. Nadine sneaks off after eavesdropping on Matt making a phone call.

While on the other side of town, Spinelli is frustrated over the fact Jason doesn’t think he’s cut out for field work. Maxie assures Spinelli that he has strengths all his own.

In the meantime, Johnny comforts Lulu about her hallucinations of Logan and tells her it doesn’t mean she’s going crazy. Johnny and Lulu agree to look after Lourdes while Sal is out of town.

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