General Hospital Episode Recap, Monday, October 6, 2008

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Jason makes an enemy out of Sonny when he refuses to turn power back to him. A scheming Anthony offers to put his organization and resources at Sonny’s disposal as part of the next phase of his plan to pit Sonny and Jason against each other and eliminate Karpov in the process. Will Sonny take the bait, or see through Anthony’s machinations?

At the same time, Ric and Claudia succumb to their lust and make passionate love. As they bask in the afterglow, Johnny comes into the room and catches Ric and Claudia together.

On the other side of Port Charles, Nadine is disappointed by Nikolas’ reaction when she makes sure he sees her kissing Spinelli. Spinelli soon gets to the bottom of Nadine’s actions and after she confides in him, he assures her that her feelings are safe with him. Meanwhile, the Prince is confused by Nadine and Spinelli’s kiss and opens up to Elizabeth about it. She gives Nikolas insight into Nadine’s behavior. Then, it’s not long before Spinelli meets with Nikolas, explains the reasoning behind Nadine’s actions and suggests that Nikolas fess up to her about his own true feelings. It looks like Nik agrees with Spinelli.

Shortly thereafter, Johnny figures out that Anthony shot Kate and accuses him of faking his paralysis, dumping him out of his wheelchair to make his point.

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