General Hospital Episode Recap, Monday, October 15, 2007

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Tony Geary (Luke, General Hospital)Emily’s worry for Nikolas increases when she learns he’s planning on throwing a black and white charity gala in the beginning of November. Both Emily and Alexis suggest Nikolas postpone his plans but he refuses as he insists he has his rage episodes under control.

Meanwhile, Jax explains his theory that Nikolas might have killed Leticia to Carly. Jax confronts Nikolas saying he knows he stabbed Jerry but Nikolas adamantly denies doing so. Carly later arrives and pushes Nikolas toward a violent episode when she questions whether or not he could have murdered Leticia.

At the same time, Johnny admits to Jason that he keeps returning to Port Charles because of Lulu. Trevor warns Sonny that he’s making a big mistake by trying to use Johnny as a bargaining chip with Zacchara. Sonny tells Jason to let Johnny go but believes Johnny is still the key to getting at Zacchara. Trevor hears Zacchara raging at his son and cautions Johnny not to disobey his father or innocent people will die.

Tracy tries to make Luke see that Lulu wanting to give Logan another chance has absolutely nothing to do with the deal she made with Scott. Lulu tells Luke that she believes Logan can be forgiven but he doesn’t want her to compare her situation to that of him and Laura.

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