General Hospital Episode Recap, Monday, November 5, 2007

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Steve Burton (Jason, General Hospital)Against all odds, Jason makes his way to Wyndemere. A spooked Elizabeth arms herself with the ice pick she pulls from the murdered guest and wanders the halls as she tries to make her way back to the others in the ballroom. Elizabeth is overwhelmed with relief when Jason reveals himself to her.

Kate makes it perfectly clear she wants to be with Sonny despite the warnings he offers about his life. Trevor is blindsided to see Sonny alive when he walks in on him and Kate.

In the meantime, Logan and Johnny clash over Lulu. Lulu has Nadine switch places with her as part of her dangerous plan. Spinelli realizes Lulu has sneaked out of the ballroom. Zacchara grabs Nadine thinking she’s Lulu.

Alexis is clearly worried about Ric as his condition worsens and is hiding an ailment of her own. Patrick tells Ric there’s a chance he could save him but warns the procedure could kill him.

A determined Carly sneaks away from Jax and gets a very unpleasant surprise.  Speaking of Jax, a band of mercenaries open fire on him, Jerry and Sam as they try to repair the supply ship and find a way off the island. The day winds down as Robin tells Patrick about her eerie premonition. Meanwhile, Lucky ends up on the receiving end of another one of Nikolas’ rage episodes.

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