General Hospital Episode Recap, Monday, June 23, 2008

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Sonny is caught off guard when Kate mentions having Diane draw up a pre-nup for them.

While on the other side of Port Charles, Jason remains grouchy around Claudia while they’re quarantined with Spinelli. It’s not long before Anthony contacts Claudia and challenges her to prove her loyalty to the family by killing Jason. Later, Claudia eavesdrops as Spinelli tells Jason he might have uncovered a clue that could lead them to Ian’s accomplice in Michael’s shooting.

At the same time, Jax wonders if Carly could be pregnant when she’s hit with a wave of nausea. Shortly thereafter, Alexis takes the bull by the horns and announces in the middle of the police station that she’s sleeping with Jax’s brother, Jerry. Alexis admits to Diane that she has real feelings for Jerry.

In the meantime, Robin balks at the idea of living with Patrick after the baby is born, but he won’t let the matter drop. Robin secretly calls Elizabeth and has her drop Jake off with Patrick. Guess she figures she’ll give Patrick something to really think about.

Later, a bikini-clad Maxie gets under Lulu’s skin when she flaunts herself in front of Johnny. Maxie gets her and Johnny stuck in the elevator together at the Metro Court. The day winds down as Logan approaches Lulu at the boathouse.

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