General Hospital Episode Recap, Monday, January 7, 2007

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Rick Hearst (Ric, General Hospital)Elizabeth clashes with Sam and makes it clear she doesn’t want Sam anywhere near her kids. Jason and Elizabeth are able to have their romantic rendezvous at the safe house after all.

Sonny and Kate are miserable being away from one another.

At the same time, Carly desperately wants to have Jax’s baby but her plans for romance are interrupted when she and Jax must deal with Michael, who got in a fight at school. Then, it's not long before Sam drops a bombshell on Carly.  She tells her the truth about Jason being the father of Elizabeth's baby.

Meanwhile, Lulu is being held against her will.

Over at the airport, Alexis and Diane make unlikely seatmates when they’re forced to endure each other as they wait for their plane to take off. As her patience wears thin, Diane takes her frustration out of the flight crew but Alexis surprisingly comes to her rescue. Diane and Alexis’ situation goes from bad to worse.

The day winds down as Skye comes to Ric’s rescue when he has his hands full babysitting Molly and Kristina and they grow closer until Ric ruins the moment.

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