General Hospital Episode Recap, Monday, February 25, 2008

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Sonny and Claudia are in a deadly standoff as he demands answers about Michael. Claudia, however, has other things on her mind as she makes another attempt at seduction. After toying with her, Sonny leaves Claudia in a rage when Jason arrives. Johnny is grabbed by two thugs and knocked unconscious. Alexis’ curiosity is piqued when Kate accidentally calls her Olivia. Kate can barley cover her unease when Alexis questions her about Olivia. Trevor realizes Marianna has feelings for Ric as he continues to threaten her into getting him the deeds to the piers. Michael contacts Carly but their call is cut short. Carly is hit with abdominal pains while talking with Jason. Lulu begins to have doubts about Logan’s guilt and fears she might have attacked him for no reason. Text Message Killer menaces Sam as he explains how he’s taking revenge by killing all the women who are important to Sonny and Jason. After tying her up, The Text Message Killer reveals himself and drags Sam towards the door just as Maxie arrives outside.

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