General Hospital Episode Recap, Monday, February 23, 2009

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Claudia faces off with Kate, challenging her to make good on her threat to tell Sonny what she thinks she knows about Michael’s shooting. Ric picks up on the tension between Kate and Claudia. Jason tells Sonny that once they’ve cleared Spinelli, Jason will give the business back to Sonny and return to acting as his enforcer. Sonny rejects Ric when he offers to help him run the business.

After Sonny gets a lead on Anthony’s whereabouts, Jason and Sam head to Florida posing as newlyweds to track Anthony down at a tropical resort.

Rebecca is awed, and slightly unsettled, by Nikolas’ lifestyle at Wyndemere. Nikolas shares his and Emily’s love story with Rebecca, who makes a hasty retreat.

Lulu and Spinelli suffer through Maxie and Johnny’s “date” at the Campbell’s Go Red gala in Manhattan. Spinelli is heartened when Maxie later drops in on him and ends up falling asleep in his bed after letting him know how much his friendship means to her. Johnny assures Lulu he has no romantic feelings for Maxie.

Robin is frustrated when Patrick would rather stay home with Emma than go out for dinner. Patrick’s initially resistant when Robin tells him she wants to hire a nanny and return to work but he finally agrees.

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