General Hospital Episode Recap, Monday, February 2, 2009

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Claudia is wheeled out of the boardroom after falling victim to the toxin. While in the ICU, Claudia struggles to tell Jason the truth about Anthony but is too weak to get the words out. After being taken from the boardroom, Anthony approaches a sleeping Claudia planning on silencing her once and for all.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly share a moment of mutual appreciation as they wait to be evacuated. Sam and Jason bring Jax up to speed when he arrives at the hospital, which remains quarantined. Although unable to enter the building, Jax and Carly manage to make a symbolic connection through the closed and locked glass doors. On the other hand, however, Lucky braves the toxin and makes his way into the hospital and straight to Elizabeth’s side. Sam can’t help but notice the deep connection that Lucky and Elizabeth share.

At the same time, Someone wearing a hazmat suit steals one of the spheres of poison from the operating room. It doesn’t take long for Jason to realize that one of the spheres is missing. To exacerbate matters, everyone remains unaware that gas is still leaking in the operating room. Matt blames himself for what happened but Patrick assures him it wasn’t his fault. Leyla’s condition grows more serious. Tracy is mortified when she has to be scrubbed down by Epiphany as part of the decontamination process.

While on the other side of Port Chuck, Maxie and Johnny share their hopes and dreams for the future as Luke and Ethan find out that they are birds of a feather.

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