General Hospital Episode Recap, Monday, February 16, 2009

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Kate isn’t pleased to see Claudia in Sonny’s arms. At Mercy, Kate taunts Claudia over the fact she knows about her role in Michael’s shooting and threatens to tell Sonny whenever it pleases her. Sonny comes to see Claudia, who might be ready to put herself at his mercy. Sonny dismisses Rayner’s threats; certain he’ll never face any criminal charges. Rayner warns Sonny that someone will pay for Anthony’s crimes.

Jason manages to rescue Sam from the rooftop. Refusing to leave without Spinelli, Jason and Sam set out to find him. Sam and Jason make their way to the utility closet where they suspect Spinelli might be only to find it surrounded by flames. Johnny finds Maxie and gets her to safety. Lulu is greatly relieved when she sees Johnny carry Maxie out of the building.

Rebecca doesn’t want Nikolas hovering over her while she’s checked out at Mercy. Nikolas tells Monica and Edward he’s convinced Rebecca’s somehow connected to Emily. Nikolas learns that Rebecca left the hospital. Robin appears to have gotten a handle on her post-partum depression. Luke and Ethan are up to their old tricks.

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