General Hospital Episode Recap, Monday, August 25, 2008

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Lucky takes Lulu back to Shadybrook after her breakdown at the police station. Lainey admits to Lucky that Lulu’s condition is rapidly deteriorating. Lulu gets quite a surprise when she goes to Laura’s room.

Spinelli gets hit by a car while on his stakeout with Maxie and is rushed to the hospital. Maxie and Nadine are terrified over the thought of Matt treating Spinelli’s injuries and learn that Spinelli needs surgery. Spinelli puts his life in Maxie’s hands, telling her to decide if Matt should operate on him or not.

Claudia decides she needs Ric’s help when Scott threatens to send Johnny to Pentonville, but Ric is nowhere to be found. Alexis catches Claudia snooping around in her office.

On the other side of town, Kate becomes extremely superstitious after Sonny gets a few drops of blood on her reception dress. Sonny’s wheels start spinning when Kate relates a story about her cousin Olivia, whom she hasn’t seen in years.

At the same time, Sam’s suspicions about Jerry being involved with Karpov are confirmed. The day winds down as Nadine lets her fantasies take over as she and Nikolas enjoy a waltz.

Genie Francis (Laura) returned to Port Charles today..

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