General Hospital Episode Recap, Friday, November 9, 2007

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Tony Geary (Luke, General Hospital)Luke opens his heart to Tracy, saying he’s through living in the past. Luke sets out to face off with Zacchara and gets a very unpleasant surprise. Tracy has some choice words for Scott.

Speaking of the deranged mobster, Johnny arrives as Zacchara is on the verge of choking Nikolas to death and tries to talk his father down. Zacchara flees into the darkened hallways after attacking Emily. Nikolas knows his rage is becoming more and more uncontrollable and forces Emily to take drastic action for her own safety.

At the same time, Lucky struggles to keep Maxie from plunging to her death. A spiteful Sam has vengeance on her mind after being rejected by Jason and feeling as though he put Elizabeth’s safety first. Lucky and Sam make their way to the stables to join the others, including Elizabeth.

Shortly thereafter, Kate fears for Sonny when he loses consciousness while donating blood to Ric, but Carly’s arrival revives him. Sonny stuns Carly with a surprising revelation. Ric is surprised by Trevor’s actions.

The day winds down as Spinelli is wracked with guilt when Lulu sings his praises, but Nadine inadvertently lets the cat out of the bag.

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