General Hospital Episode Recap, Friday, February 20, 2009

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It's a good day for the Jacks Family.  Jax and Carly tell an elated Morgan that they’re not getting a divorce.

At the same time, Sonny interrupts another fight between Kate and Claudia. Sonny upsets Kate with his defense of Claudia. When Kate later returns, Claudia pushes her buttons by pointing out that Sonny might not believe anything she says anyway. Another one of Jerry’s incriminating DVDs is closer than either Kate or Claudia realize.

Across Port Chuck, Winifred warns Jason that Spinelli still faces jail time if Anthony isn’t found. Sonny proposes that he and Jason work together to find Anthony.

Without any trace of rancor, Sam tells Lucky it’s time they faced the fact that their relationship is over. Meantime, Lulu and Spinelli feel like the odd men out when Johnny escorts Maxie to a high profile gala to ensure that Crimson’s dress gets photographed.

The week wraps up as Nadine overhears Nikolas telling Alexis that no one could ever replace Emily. Nikolas beseeches Rebecca to hear him out.

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