Friday, May 4, 2007

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Steve Burton (Jason, General Hospital)As a storm pounds Port Charles, Jason finds Elizabeth collapsed and bleeding on the floor and races her to the hospital. Jason looks on helplessly as Kelly performs an emergency c-section on Elizabeth and tries to save her life as well as the life of the baby.

While on the other side of town, Michael and Morgan encounter Craig. Nikolas’ condition continues to deteriorate. Nikolas extracts a heartbreaking promise from Robin. Patrick clings to the hope that Craig will arrive with the counter-agent. Lucky could be in danger when he pulls Craig over during a routine traffic stop.

In the meantime, Amelia stands up to Sonny about the injunction on Sam’s show. The week winds down as Alcazar busts Skye for betraying him. Alcazar warns a panicked Skye that she’ll never see her daughter again unless she does exactly as he says.

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