Friday, March 30, 2007

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{mosimage}Alcazar struggles to keep his temper in check and his ruse alive when Sonny taunts him about being a coward who’s hiding behind Skye. Jason throws Skye’s words back in her face. Jason warns Skye that if she continues to act in Alcazar’s behalf then she will be dealt with according. Alcazar meets with an associate as he plans Sonny and Jason’s demise. Sonny has reservations about Jason’s idea to run the business out of the Cellar.

On the other side of town, Nikolas and Robin try to sell Alexis on the idea that they’ve fallen for each other. Mr. Craig is one step ahead of Nikolas and Robin. Robin convinces Mr. Craig not to let Nikolas die. Robin tells Nikolas they have to work together to outsmart Mr. Craig. Alexis collapses while picking wildflowers with Kristina on the grounds at Wyndemere. A frightened Kristina encounters Mr. Craig.

In the meantime, Scott confronts Lulu when he thinks she’s behind the blackmail. Maxie is confident that Scott would never hurt Lulu.

The day winds down as Carly insists it’s over between her and Jax. Later, however, Jax tricks Carly into attending a black tie event at the Metro Court. Finally, Kelly doesn’t want to be Patrick’s “rebound” girl.

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