Friday, March 23, 2007

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{mosimage}Spinelli jumps into action as Lulu is about to spill the paternity secret at the wedding. Spinelli is over the moon when Lulu refers to him as her boyfriend to try and salvage the awkward situation. Elizabeth and Lucky exchange heartfelt vows and are pronounced husband and wife. Maxie nearly overhears the truth about the baby. Lulu tells Jason that she kept her mouth shut because she didn’t want to ruin Lucky’s happiness. Lulu fears the secret will come out eventually and wonders why Jason doesn’t fight for his child. Luke toasts the happy couple in his own unique way.

In the meantime, Max realizes that Coop was one of the mercenaries and informs Sonny. Sonny has plans for Coop. Later, Ric clashes with his brother and leaves him with a warning. After her encounter with Mr. Craig, Alexis arrives on Jax’s doorstep drenched from the downpour. Jax bolsters his friend’s spirits and their fondness for one another is clear. Carly finds Jax and Alexis in a seemingly intimate moment.

On the other side of Port Charles, Patrick is exasperated by Robin’s insistence that the only way for their relationship to survive is if they don’t live together. Nikolas returns to Wyndemere to discover Robin treating Mr. Craig’s gunshot wound.

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