Friday, June 1, 2007

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Kelly Monaco (Sam, General Hospital)Sam believes a baby will be the answer to all her problems and meets with Kelly to discuss her options.

Sonny overreacts when Kate transports a crated statue over his property via helicopter. Jason learns that Sonny and Kate have a history from the old neighborhood. Carly gets a gleam in her eyes when Sonny asks her to help him make amends with Kate. Kate gets an unpleasant surprise when she returns to confront Sonny.

Ric orders Lucky to deal with Jason. Elizabeth runs into Jason, who is holding his son as Lucky arrives. Ric threatens to prosecute Jax as an accessory if doesn’t turn against Jerry. Jerry puts pressure on Skye to get what he wants. Skye fears retaliation from Sonny if Ric has Jason arrested. Jerry doesn’t get the results he was hoping for when he sneaks into the police lab.

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