Friday, July 6, 2007

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{mosimage}A devious Amelia lets Sonny know that Sam witnessed Jake’s kidnapping and did nothing to stop it. Sonny summons Sam to the house and gives her just enough rope to hang herself.

Carly tries to enlist Elizabeth’s help in her plan to blackmail Ric into letting her visit Jason in prison. Elizabeth fears Carly may know the truth about Jake.

In the meantime, Logan refuses to spy on Sonny for Ric. So what does Ric do? He starts digging into Logan’s past.

Shortly thereafter, Lulu pushes Dillon away for his own good. Later, Lulu and the rest of the family say their goodbyes to Dillon and wish him the best. Tracy makes a surprise appearance at the mansion and vows that Dillon isn’t going anywhere.
The week winds down as Noah and Patrick argue about who should operate on Noah’s exact look-a-like Eli Love, who has suffered a brain embolism.

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