Friday, January 12, 2007

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{mosimage}Sonny challenges Ric to use the tape as evidence against Carly. Ric backs off Carly but remains confident that he will send Sonny to prison for attempted murder. Lucky realizes that Ric is trying to railroad Sonny. Ric’s case against Sonny unravels when Lucky’s new witness admits to having planted a gun at Sonny’s warehouse on Alcazar’s orders. Carly still refuses to marry Sonny but later begins to reconsider. Sonny and Diane learn that Ric’s attempted murder case has fallen apart and that it won’t be necessary for Carly to marry Sonny. Unaware of the recent development, Carly tells Sonny that she will marry him.

On other fronts, Nikolas and Emily have a run in with the sheriff but are able to convince him that they are telling the truth about Colleen kidnapping Spencer. The sheriff orders a helicopter to search for Colleen’s car. The air patrol spots Colleen’s car. Nikolas and Emily listen via the radio as the pilot reports that Colleen’s car crashed through the guard rail. Nikolas breaks down when he’s told that Spencer didn’t survive the crash. Helena has Spencer and plans on raising him as the Cassadine heir.

At the same time, Skye continues to bluff Mr. Craig when he wants to know when to expect the shipment. Mr. Craig secretly watches as Skye begs Alcazar to wake up and tell her what she should do.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth pours her heart out to Lucky. Lucky seems to accept the fact that he and Elizabeth are truly over. Epiphany convinces Elizabeth to find out if Maxie was ever really pregnant with Lucky’s baby. Lucky begins to grow closer to Maxie. Elizabeth gets proof Maxie lied about being pregnant.

During all this, Dillon wants nothing to do with Tracy’s scheme against Sam. Tracy seethes as Edward praises Sam for catching a mistake that Tracy made at ELQ. Tracy gets ammunition to use against Sam.

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