Friday, February 23, 2007

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{mosimage}Jason goes after Mr. Craig and gets involved in a dangerous game of cat and mouse inside the unstable hotel. Elizabeth almost blurts the truth about her baby to Sam when Sam admits she can’t have children of her own. Emily tells Elizabeth she believes a grandchild could help bring Alan and Jason together. A guilty Elizabeth wonders if she and Jason should tell everyone the truth. Sam is all over the news for her heroic actions. A mystery person seems very interested in Sam.

In the meantime, Sonny fully believes that he and Carly can make things work this time around. Sonny and Carly are reunited with the boys. However, Carly bursts Sonny’s bubble when she remains intent on getting a divorce and staying with Jax.

At the same time, Tracy shows her hidden side when she lets Alan know how mucy she loves him. Later, Edward tells Alan how he really feels about him. Skye seeks Alan’s forgiveness. Monica tells Alan she’s still crazy about him.

Shortly thereafter, Scott questions Lulu about Laura’s brief recovery. Then, Tracy warns Lulu that Scott is toxic. However, Lulu has a hunch that Scott knows more about Rick Webber’s murder than he’s saying.

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