Friday, August 10, 2007

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{mosimage}Diane does her best to discredit Ric’s “eyewitness,” who claims he saw Jason putting Alcazar’s dead body in the back of an SUV. Diane makes a stunning announcement which could change the course of Jason’s trial.

Carly accuses Jerry of never intending to help her exonerate Jason and believes the entire trip has been a set up to get closer to her.

Back in Port Charles, Spinelli tries to keep a brave face when Lulu admits she’s ready to sleep with Logan. Coop walks in on Logan and Maxie in a hot clinch.

At the same time, Sam plays on Lucky’s sympathies as she continues to work him. Alexis warns Sam not to do anything she might come to regret. Nikolas stops Lucky’s harsh tirade against Elizabeth but has little sympathy for Elizabeth himself.

In the meantime, Spinelli is shaken to his core when Sonny puts the fear of God in him. Later, Kate prepares to run from Port Charles but is really trying to run away from her feelings for Sonny. The week winds down as Mac puts a stop to Kate’s plans in a surprising way.

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