Friday, April 20, 2007

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Maurice Benard (Sonny, General Hospital)Sonny is blindsided to learn that Carly is marrying Jax in one week and fights his temptation to drink when he returns home. Sonny wants Jason to plan their retaliation against Alcazar. Carly races to Sonny’s after remembering that today is his birthday.

Elizabeth is wracked with guilt about depriving Jason his child and admits she loves him. Elizabeth convinces herself she’s making the right decision because of the violence in Jason’s life. Jason offers to stay out of Elizabeth’s life if it will make things better for her. Spinelli urges Jason to tell Sam about the baby. Sam has a near miss with death at the studio.

Alcazar feels the pressure from his associates Cortez and Ochoa, who plan on dealing with Sonny and Jason themselves. Cortez and Ochoa pay a visit to Sam at the studio as Jason arrives.

Nikolas and Robin save Patrick from being killed by Mr. Craig. Mr. Craig announces that there is going to be a change in plans.

While in more romantic developments, Luke and Tracy get drunk together at the Metro Court and come to appreciate their unique relationship.

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