General Hospital Weekly Summary, Week of October 26, 2009

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Brandon Barrish (Johnny, General Hospital)Happy Halloween.

First up this week, Michael reveals to Johnny he knows Claudia was responsible for his shooting, saying he has to tell Sonny but wanted to give Johnny the chance to warn Claudia if he chooses to. Kiefer pressures Kristina into making plans to sleep with him again. Sam leaves Jason with plenty to think about as he struggles with his dilemma over how to proceed with the situation with Claudia. Carly takes on the task of arranging the party Sonny plans on throwing for Claudia at the Metro Court. Patrick wonders if he's

doing the right thing by turning a blind eye to the fact that Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting.

Shortly thereafter and realizing Claudia was responsible for sending Jerry after Kristina, Sam comes to believe that she's pure evil and condones whatever Jason decides to do about her. Joey Limbo poses a potentially lethal threat to Johnny. Dominic finds Lulu after she's been accidentally drugged at a photo shoot and takes her back to his room but not before she overhears him talking to Ronnie and learns he's an undercover cop. Dominic prays that Lulu won't remember what she learned about him in the morning. Ethan clashes with Nikolas over Rebecca. Elizabeth starts to seduce Lucky but can't go through with it. Luke is stunned to see Nikolas and Elizabeth locked in a kiss.

Claudia warns Olivia she's going to tell Sonny the truth about Dominic being his son. Michael cryptically asks Sam to intervene with Jason and stop him from taking revenge against Claudia. Jason goes to see Sonny prepared to spill the beans about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting. Johnny, who's being held captive by Joey Limbo, is desperate to get to Claudia. Dominic explains to Lulu how she ended up in his bed. Much to Dominic's relief, Lulu seems to have no memory of discovering he's an undercover cop.

Sonny shows no emotion when Jason presents him with irrefutable proof that Claudia was responsible for Michael getting shot. Jason resolves himself to the fact he's going to have to kill Claudia whether or not Sonny asks him to. After being freed by Molly and Morgan, Johnny races to the party to try and warn Claudia her life is in danger. Carly ends up at the party after all, as does Michael. Claudia's party promises to be an evening full of surprises.

A vengeful Sonny mercilessly rips into Claudia as he exposes the fact she's the one responsible for getting Michael shot. Unaware that Carly is in the room, Sonny also accuses Jax of having covered up the truth to protect Jerry. Knowing Sonny will never forgive her, Claudia makes a desperate move. Claudia, Carly and Carly's unborn baby's lives are in danger. A guilt-ridden Michael feels responsible for setting the horrible events of the evening in motion. Sonny's crushed when he overhears Kristina saying she was horrified to witness his dark side. Mac stops Jason in his tracks.