General Hospital Weekly Summary, Week of October 19, 2009

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Sarah Brown (Claudia, General Hospital)Dominic refuses to sleep with Claudia and calls her bluff when she threatens to tell Sonny that Olivia is Dominic's mother and Sonny is his father. Dominic tries to remember where else he's seen a unique graffiti tag he spots in the ally. Johnny goes to Olivia's and pulls her into a passionate kiss which she responds to. Claudia brightens when Sonny says he needs her help in dealing with his associates in Puerto Rico and asks her to fly down there with him. Jason and Sam search the house at the address they found amongst Ian Devlin's things but end up trapped in the basement when someone returns home. Although both are heartbroken, Nikolas and Elizabeth agree they can never be together as it would hurt Lucky too deeply. Elizabeth gets an unexpected surprise when she returns home prepared to tell Lucky she can't go through with remarrying him. Luke ignores Helena's warning about Valentin.

Johnny and Olivia act on their feelings and make love but agree to keep the fact they're seeing each other a secret. Jax makes it clear he wants Dominic to see to it that Sonny goes down no matter what. Dominic bristles over Jax's interference in his case. While searching the house they broke into, Sam and Jason rescue a pregnant woman in distress and rush her to the hospital. Even though the woman and her baby survive the crisis, Sam becomes reflective about the child she lost. Jason reaches out to Sam as the connection between them grows stronger. Helena continues to taunt Nikolas about his love for Elizabeth. Nikolas has Helena sent to a hospital in Switzerland. Caught off guard by Lucky's impromptu engagement party, Elizabeth feels she has no choice but to go along with his announcement that they're getting remarried. Luke senses Elizabeth's reservations about marrying Lucky again. Elizabeth later tells Nikolas she's going to remarry Lucky after all. Kristina confesses to Michael that she slept with Kiefer.

Dominic asks Spinelli to try and determine if the graffiti he saw in the alley holds any special significance and realizes that Spinelli could be the key to bringing Sonny down in the process. Claudia's delighted to play the power couple with Sonny when they arrive at the nightclub in Puerto Rico to stare down his associates there. Jax confides to Alexis he fears Carly would never forgive him if she finds out he knew about Jerry's involvement in Michael's shooting and kept it a secret. Robin and Patrick team up with Sam and Jason to search through Ian's files at the hospital to try and find out if he had an accomplice in Michael's shooting. Michael tells Jax he had a memory of Jerry visiting him.

With Claudia by his side, Sonny flexes his power in front of his associates in Puerto Rico. Claudia proves she's a perfect partner for Sonny as she helps him deal with the betrayal of one of the players there. Sam refuses to stop helping Jason in his investigation of Ian. Jason grows closer to proving Claudia's guilt. Michael lies in front of Jax and Carly, claiming his memory of Jerry visiting him was harmless. Alone, Jax asks Michael to be truthful with him. Luke warns Ethan not to cross Nikolas.

Sonny continues to be impressed by Claudia. Jason finally finds the evidence he needs to nail Claudia. Michael remembers Jerry telling him the truth about the shooting while comatose. Kate urges Olivia to tell Sonny and Dominic the truth to avoid a potential tragedy. Kate approaches Dominic at Jake's