General Hospital Weekly Summary, Week of November 9, 2009

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Drew Garrett (Michael, General Hospital)Jason grows more concerned for Michael, who shows no guilt or remorse for his actions. Jason admits to Sam he feels as though he failed Michael. Jax and Carly have a knock down drag out fight over the fact he didn't reveal the truth about Claudia as soon as he learned it. After accusing Jax of not loving Michael as much as Morgan or Josslyn, Carly asks Jax to leave. Dominic remains intent on bringing Sonny down regardless of the impact it might have on others. Olivia shares a warm moment with Sonny. Michael proves he's a chip off the old block when he sends Max and Milo to teach Kiefer a lesson. Nikolas and Elizabeth give in to their passion and make love in a closet at the hospital. Elizabeth is torn up with guilt when she overhears Rebecca telling Lucky that Elizabeth is a lucky woman to have him love her as much as he does.

Luke confronts Nikolas about his affair with Elizabeth. Carly admits to Jane that she can't forgive Jax for allowing Michael to spend time around Claudia knowing she played a role in his shooting. Jax turns to Jason for help in saving his marriage. Dominic warns Sonny that there's growing dissention among the ranks now that the Corinthos/Zacchara alliance has been broken. Anthony goes berserk when Johnny tells him that Sonny most likely killed Claudia. Jason shares his fears about Michael with Carly. Michael remains determined to follow in Sonny's footsteps. A vengeful Anthony tells Joey Limbo he wants Sonny dead. Max and Milo put the fear of God in Kiefer. Kiefer slaps Kristina hard across the face after accusing her of sending Max and Milo to harass him.

Jason refuses to get in the middle of Jax and Carly's marital problems. Meanwhile, Alexis urges Carly to find a way to forgive Jax before the situation escalates into something that can never be fixed. Michael refuses to leave with Carly when she goes to Sonny's to bring him home. Lulu reveals to Olivia that she knows the truth about Dominic. Olivia pleads with Lulu not to blow Dominic's cover. Dominic gets his hands on the ashes from Sonny's fireplace and turns them over to Ronnie. Luke and Nikolas have a heated confrontation with each one hurling accusations at the other. Elizabeth feels guilty when Lucky declares his love for her before presenting her with an engagement ring. Lucky wants to know what's been troubling Elizabeth. Nikolas and Rebecca arrive at the restaurant just as an emotional Elizabeth prepares to tell Lucky the truth. At the hospital, Kristina lies to protect Kiefer and doesn't mention that he hit her. Robin assures Patrick she's not jealous when an ex-girlfriend contacts him.

Elizabeth is furious with Nikolas for deliberately crashing her and Lucky's romantic dinner date. Elizabeth later has it out with Nikolas when he questions her feelings for Lucky. Elizabeth and Lucky make love, as do Nikolas and Rebecca. Carly and Sonny clash over Michael's living arrangement. Jason convinces Sonny that Michael should be with Carly. Before leaving with Carly, Michael warns his parents and Jason that the day is soon coming when he'll be making his own decisions. Dominic charms Lulu, who struggles with her dilemma of whether or not to tell Sonny what she knows. Carly agrees to let Jax move back in for Josslyn's sake but insists he stay in the guest room. As he gazes at his infant daughter, Jax voices his desire to see Sonny sent to prison.

Sonny asks Luke to act as his intermediary with Joey Limbo and later tells Jason he's going to try and negotiate for peace. Jax wants Sonny to go to prison for Claudia's murder even though he knows this is one crime Sonny isn't guilty of. Dominic tells Jax that the forensics team was able to find evidence against Sonny implicating him in Claudia's murder. Carly finds Jax and Dominic together. The mystery person photographs a reenactment of Claudia's murder. Lucky and Nikolas encounter each other at the Quartermaine crypt on the anniversary of Emily's death. Nikolas flashes jealousy when Lucky tells him he and Elizabeth made love. Alone, Elizabeth pours her heart out at Emily's crypt as she admits she wants both Nikolas and Lucky.