General Hospital Weekly Summary, Week of November 2, 2009

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Dominic Zamprogna (Dominic/Dante, General Hospital)Against all odds, Carly finds shelter from the storm after surviving the crash and is prepared to deliver her baby daughter on her own if that's what it takes to bring her child into the world. Carly suffers a painful contraction just as Claudia arrives on the scene. Sonny turns to Alexis for help, which she gives in exchange for him keeping his distance from Kristina. Lulu's grateful for Dominic's help and concern as they head out to search for Carly. Spinelli unwittingly sends Johnny and Dominic on a collision course. Jax squares off with Sonny over Michael and Morgan. Kristina sees Alexis in a new light after having witnessed Sonny's brutal side earlier.

With help from Claudia, Carly makes it through a breech birth and delivers a baby girl. Thinking his family would be better off without him, Michael takes off and happens upon the wreckage from Claudia and Carly's accident. Olivia offers Sonny a shoulder to lean on. Sonny and Olivia talk about Carly but end up referencing their own feelings for each other. Dominic stays by Lulu's side after she falls through the floorboard at the Zacchara estate and risks drowning to death in the freezing water that quickly starts to flood the basement. Lulu remembers learning the truth about Dominic.

Claudia appears to be obsessed with Carly's newborn daughter. Michael's protective instincts kick in when he finds Claudia and Carly at the cabin. Jason takes control of the situation when he and Sam discover what's happened after arriving on the scene. Sonny and Jason will take whatever steps necessary to protect Michael. Jax has an emotional reunion with Carly and their newborn baby Josslyn at the hospital. A tearful Carly tells Jax about the events at the cabin. Johnny gets a rescue team to Lulu in the nick of time. At the hospital, Dominic tells Lulu he's not giving up on his mission to bring Sonny down.

A loose lipped Maxie leads Johnny to jump to the wrong conclusion about Sonny. Jax implores Carly to tell the cops the truth about what happened at the cabin. Carly confronts Jax for not coming forward when he first learned of Jerry and Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting and wonders if she can ever forgive him. Dominic agrees to help Johnny find out what really happened that night. Jason is unaware that someone has been keeping a close eye on him. Luke senses a disaster in the making when he picks up on the dynamic between Nikolas and Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Olivia fears Dominic is using Johnny as a pawn in his quest to bring Sonny down. After talking with Lucky, Jason wonders if he did the right thing. Michael proves that he's very much his father's son. Jax and Sonny have an explosive confrontation. Carly can't bring herself to forgive Jax.