General Hospital Weekly Episode Summary, Week of October 12, 2009

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Sarah Brown, Maurice Benard (Claudia, Sonny, GH) (c)ABCClaudia spins a cover story when Sonny catches her with a key for a room at the Metro Court. Carly fears she's going into labor in the parking lot at Jake's while talking with Johnny. Claudia gives Dominic an ultimatum, either sleep with her or she'll tell Sonny that Olivia is Dominic's mother. Sonny reaches out to a troubled Michael by sharing his own experiences with his bouts of uncontrollable rage. Michael has another memory of Claudia. Lucky lets Sam go when he catches her in the warehouse because of the history they share. Sam squirms when Lucky talks about their past as she knows a hidden Jason can hear every word. After returning home, Jason tells Sam he thinks Ian Devlin might have had a safety deposit box that could contain the proof of Claudia's guilt. Robin, who's donned a kinky costume to seduce Patrick, could die of embarrassment when he returns home with Louise. Once alone, Patrick assures Robin he has no regrets about letting go of his bachelor days and they make love.

Olivia's relieved by the fact that Dominic has been removed from Sonny's case but quickly realizes that Jax still wants him to finish what he started no matter what the risks. Coleman and a drunken Johnny take Carly to the hospital when she goes into labor. With Jax by her side, Carly learns her baby might be born that very night. Dominic figures out Claudia's motive for wanting to have sex with him. Jason warns Claudia that he's getting closer to finding out the truth about Michael's shooting. Luke and Ethan get an unpleasant surprise when they arrive at the Haunted Star. Tracy doesn't buy Luke's story about being held prisoner by Helena. Kristina tells Kiefer that they have to wait two months to have sex to make sure her birth control pills will be effective. Kiefer continues to pressure Kristina to sleep with him right away, suggesting they can just use condoms for protection. Alexis confronts Sam after learning Molly walked in on her and Jason in a seemingly intimate moment.

Jason doesn't buy Claudia's claim that she played no role in Michael's shooting. Claudia is thrilled when Johnny reaches out to her wanting make amends, but he becomes privately unsettled by her comments. Jax and Carly are relieved when her premature labor stops, but Kelly warns them that Carly isn't out of the woods yet. Kristina takes the next step with Kiefer. Meanwhile, Sam's hurt when Alexis accuses her of being a bad influence on Molly and Kristina. Dominic confides in Lulu about Claudia wanting to sleep with him. Shortly thereafter, Dominic is stunned when Ronnie tells him he's officially back on Sonny's case, thanks to the influence of a state Senator. Olivia accuses Jax of being behind Dominic's reinstatement. Anthony unleashes dangerous mobster Joey Limbo on all his enemies. Jason and Sam get mistaken for a prostitute and her client by an undercover cop when they rent Ian's old motel room searching for any tape recordings he might have stashed there. Lucky and Elizabeth are shocked when Nikolas has an ailing Helena admitted to the hospital. Alexis realizes that Helena is genuinely scared of the threat Vladimir poses. Elizabeth is privately conflicted when Nikolas says he'll make things work with Rebecca in order to help him keep his distance from Elizabeth.

Pushed to her breaking point by Claudia, Olivia heads to Sonny's prepared to reveal everything. Claudia becomes threatening when Dominic says he'll never have sex with her. Helena taunts Elizabeth with the fact she knows Elizabeth slept with Nikolas. Helena warns Lucky that he's been betrayed by those he loves and trusts. After suffering through their ordeal of mistaken identity, Jason and Sam return to Ian's former motel room and make an interesting discovery.