General Hospital Episode Recap, Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Sarah Brown (Claudia, General Hospital)Ric offers to make a deal with Rayner, saying he'll get enough evidence to deliver Jason to him on a silver platter. Rayner takes the deal but insists Ric gives him enough to bring Sonny down as well. Ric blackmails Claudia to get what he wants. Robin tries to make things better with Patrick by telling him she's invited Lainey over but Patrick correctly assumes Robin hasn't told Lainey the real nature of the visit. Robin begins to open up to Lainey but quickly beats a hasty retreat. Robin breaks down in Jason's arms when he encounters her on the docks. Rebecca witnesses Lucky and Nikolas arguing about her. Nikolas and Rebecca later share a friendly chat at the hospital but Nikolas is shocked to learn she's there for a mammogram. Winnifred tells Sam and Spinelli she's been forced to resign from the FBI. Sam is caught between a rock and a hard place when Spinelli pitches that he and Winnifred will join her in the private eye business she's planning on opening.

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