General Hospital Episode Recap, Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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Maxie panics when Jason shows her the photograph he received of her the night she left the gallery opening with Franco. Maxie tells Jason that she believes Franco views him as an artist. Sam and Jason go to the gallery in an attempt to track down Franco. Elizabeth confides in Robin about her affair with Nikolas, explaining she can't stop thinking about him. Meanwhile, Lucky tells Nikolas he's considering ending his engagement to Elizabeth as he thinks it's the reason behind her being so upset. Nikolas advises Elizabeth to be truthful with Lucky. Olivia regrets letting Sonny kiss her. Jax warns Olivia that Sonny's demise is all but a sure thing. Olivia grows resentful when Jax asks her to never reveal that he knew Dominic was working undercover, pointing out that her family will be blown apart but Jax will walk away with everything. Dominic accuses Sonny of wanting Johnny dead so that he can have Olivia for himself.

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