General Hospital Episode Recap, Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Laura Wright (Carly, General Hospital)Claudia and Carly clash over their respective places in Sonny's life. Meanwhile, as Michael remembers more about Claudia, Carly assures him that his jumbled memories will sort themselves out in time. But then Michael has the most shocking memory of them all. He remembers Claudia saying the bullet wasn't meant for him but for Sonny.

Jax reveals to Dominic he knows the truth about him and admits he hopes Dominic brings Sonny down. He goes so far as to offer to help. But instead of taking Jax up on his offer to stay with him and Carly, Dominic moves in with Sonny and Claudia after

being released from the hospital. Meantime, on the other side of Port Charles, Johnny refuses to give up on Olivia. Speaking of Olivia, a Dr. Kertz, a dentist, has some concerns about the Metro Court, and its Olivia to the rescue as she quickly appeases him.

Then its over to the happy couple but Mac can barely make it through Maxie and Spinelli's wedding rehearsal thanks to the monk who stirs things up. The day winds down on a poignant yet jarring note when Spinelli overhears Maxie telling Jason she doesn't want to get married.

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