General Hospital Episode Recap, Monday, December 7, 2009

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Steve Burton (Jason, General Hospital)Jason and Sam search through Franco's art studio and are left with no doubt that he and the vagrant who witnessed the shootout are one and the same. As they try to figure out Franco's motives, Sam and Jason are unaware that they're being watched. Jason decides to hunker down and wait for Franco to return in order to confront him face to face. One thing about this Franco, dude. He certainly likes to sulk around.

Across Port Chuck, Dominic clashes with Jax, who warns him that Olivia could be telling Sonny everything as they speak. Meanwhile, Olivia finds it hard not to be charmed by Sonny but the moment is broken by Dominic's sudden arrival. Oh and by "the moment" we mean Sonny and Olivia kissing. After Olivia leaves, Sonny blasts Dominic for ruining the progress he was making with Olivia. If only Sonny and Dominic knew...

In the meantime, Carly voices her fears about Michael to Jax. Armed with a hidden recording device, Jax succeeds in getting Sonny to incriminate himself for Claudia's murder.

While in other developments, Rebecca admits to Ethan that he was right about Nikolas all along but doesn't tell him about seeing Nikolas and Elizabeth in the throes of passion. The day winds down as Rebecca pays Elizabeth a surprise visit.

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