General Hospital Episode Recap, Monday, April 20, 2009

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Minea Noji (Kelly, General Hospital)Carly learns she's pregnant but her joy is tempered by the fact she might have to terminate the pregnancy if she tests positive for the life threatening condition Kelly warned her about. Jason gives Carly a shoulder to lean on as she comes to the decision not to tell Jax about the pregnancy until after she's tested. Carly's plans, however, take a sudden change when Jax returns home and sees the pregnancy test stick. Claudia thinks she's out of the woods when she discovers that she's pregnant. Johnny warns Claudia that Sonny could easily see through her scheme and realize she is indeed culpable in Michael's shooting. Claudia comes up with a new plan and leads Sonny to believe she's making arrangements to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Jax confronts Jerry about his role in Michael's shooting. Elizabeth, Matt and Epiphany worry that Robin and Patrick's personal problems will get in the way when they're assigned to perform an emergency surgery and their worst fears are confirmed when the patient falls into distress. Nikolas remains suspicious of Rebecca after catching her with Helena. Alexis is certain that Rebecca is in cahoots with Helena and makes a bold move when she pulls back Rebecca's hair to reveal her plastic surgery scars.

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