Sneak Peeks: Week of April 17, 2006

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The breakup continues to get nasty as Sonny accuses Jason of betraying him. Why does the Don think this? Is it true? You’ll have to watch and see, but it seems as if someone is fueling the fire where Sonny’s anger towards Jason is concerned. Who could that be? We won’t keep you in suspense, it’s none other than his brother. Is this the opening Ric has been waiting for all these years? Will the mobsters’ rift bring the legal eagle closer to his brother? Meanwhile, Sonny tells Emily he might have to deal with Jason. Just what exactly does he plan to do? How will Emily react? Elsewhere, Sonny isn’t the only one having concerns about Jason. Sam is afraid she’s lost him for good. Are her fears substantiated? Is Jason’s anger toward Sonny and Emily driving Sam and Jason apart? In non-mob related news, Jax is determined to keep Nikolas in the dark. Will he be able to maintain the charade regarding John’s true parentage? Furthermore, will Carly help him keep the secret? Uncover all the lies and deceit this week on General Hospital.