General Hospital Sneak Peeks Week of October 20, 2008

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This is another fine mess Spinelli’s gotten into. But no worries. Maxie and Lulu set out to rescue Spinelli and it looks like their efforts pay off. It’s not long before Maxie and Spinelli convince Lulu that she isn’t losing her mind. Does she believe them?

While on the other side of Port Charles, Anthony has an incredulous proposition for Sonny, namely he wants Sonny to team up with the Zacchara Mob. What will Sonny decide? One thing is certain. In a later conversation with Kate, Sonny tells her that it will impossible for him to avoid the mob. Speaking of Kate, she soon takes the opportunity to encourage Olivia to reveal her secret to Sonny. Will Olivia fess up?

The rest of the sneak peeks for GH are a bit scattered this week, but we’ll try to make some sense of them for you. First up, it would appear that Tracy’s current behavior could be her downfall. Whatever she’s up to, it only makes things worse for her and Luke. At the same time, Sam’s goose may very well be cooked when Jerry sets her up for a fall. Meanwhile, Claudia’s got some wacky ideas and she soon presents her outrageous plan to Jason. Will he be willing to participate? Finally, the tension between Jax and Nikolas grows. Not one to be outdone, Jax sets out to beat Nikolas at his own game. Will his efforts pay off? Find out when you check in to General Hospital this week.

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