General Hospital Sneak Peeks Week of 11-30-09

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Brandon Barrish (Johnny, General Hospital)While Jolivia's on opposing teams, Sonny has a chance to make his move on Oliva, and they share a kiss. Yet still, she tells Johnny he's the one she wants to be with. Here's hoping they work out their problems and can pick up where they left off.

Meanwhile, Jax asks Olivia to keep his secret, and Sonny's son Dominic accuses Sonny of wanting Johnny dead. Is Sonny infact targeting Johnny as revenge for what Claudia did? While Dominic questions that, he also thinks twice about destroying Sonny, and

faces a difficult decision. Will the damage already have been done by the time he learns Sonny's his dad?

A lot of sneaking has been going on between Nikolas and Liz, and she is upset after an encounter with him. Ready for the blows that are sure to come, Nikolas advises Liz to tell Lucky the truth. Will she fare better from doing so, or continuing to stay mum?

Franco's on the scene, and while Maxi got to do some exploring, Jason and Sam wants to find out more about this mystery madman, too. Is Franco connected to someone in Port Charles, and what is he hiding? Tune in to General Hospital this week to find out.

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