General Hospital Sneak Peeks Week of 10-11-10

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Steve Burton (Jason, GH)Brenda claims she and Sonny can't be together and calls Robin to beg her to help keep the mobster away. Will Robin carry out her friend's plea? While Miss Barrett isn't looking to start up a romantic relationship with Sonny, she still can't help but look out for him and tries to convince Dante of Sonny's innocence in the car bomb case. Will her words sway him to take his father's side in the matter?

In other Port Chuck happenings, Carly tries to get a rise out of Claire when she revels in telling the feisty prosecutor that Brenda dumped Sonny—not the other way around. Will Carly succeed in putting doubt in Claire's head regarding her place in Sonny's life? At the same time, Brenda's return is causing quite the drama for Sam and Jason's relationship, to the point where Sam refuses to have sex with him. Will Jason be propelled to reprioritize?

While Brenda's presence is making life a living hell for most of the females in town, it's Lisa that's providing the headache for Robin. The nutcase continues to push Robin's buttons and causes her to freak when she thinks Lisa's messing with her patients. Only one question—why in the world is Lisa allowed to run loose?

As the week winds down, Ethan concocts a plan to get his father back into Tracy's good graces. Will it work or hit a dead end? Meanwhile, Luke asks Carly for a favor. What's his request and will Carly put aside her selfishness long enough to help him out? All this, plus what will Lucky do when he gets a special order from the Balkan's men regarding Siobhan? Stay tuned for a rollercoaster ride all week long on General Hospital.

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